2018 PHCP Conference

Oct. 25th – 28th 2018 in Reno, NV

Conference speakers:

  • Pete Ramey will share his innovative solutions to rehabbing pathologies with the help of modified hoof boots and glue ons.
  • Christina Cline will take an in-depth look at club feet, the many causes, and how to effect change.
  • Dr. Debra Taylor will present on radiographs and their utilization by the Hoof Care Practitioner.
  • Jaini L. Clougher, BVSc, BSc, President of the ECIR Group, will speak on IR and PPID – Diagnosis and Management.
  • Mary Debono will teach awareness, flexibility and self care for Hoof Care Professionals

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The 2018 PHCP Conference is worth 20 PHCP Elective and CE credits.
Dr. Debra Taylor’s lectures will fulfill the Reading Radiograph requirement.

This event has been approved for 15.5 American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) Continuing Education Credits.
For more information visit their website – www.ProfessionalFarriers.com

Our Conference is open to non PHCP members!

Conference pricing:

PHCP Member pricing:
March 1st – August 31st / Early Bird Member Rate $300
September 1st – October 26th / Late Member Rate: $350

Non Member pricing:
March 1st – August 31st / Early Bird Non-Member Rate $375
September 1st – October 26th / Late Non-Member Rate: $425

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Hotel info: Conference attendees follow the link below to make online reservations at the Renaissance: Start date: 10/25/18
End date: 10/28/18
Last day to book: 9/25/18
Room Rate: $139 per night
Book your group rate for Pacific Hoof Care Conference If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:
Bri Hutchins, Renaissance Group Housing Coordinator
Ph: 775-321-5878
Monday – Friday, 7:30a – 4:00pm
Jennifer Reinke


We are excited to announce our Conference Sponsors and Trade Show Presenters! 


Meet our Draft Sponsors:

Cavallo With the following attendees:

  • Greg Giles
  • Carole Herder

California Trace – With the following attendees:

  • Sally Hugg
  • Jennifer Borchard


My Best Horse – With the following attendees:

  • Joan Kulifay
  • Kristen Chavez


Hoof Jack (Equine Innovations) – With the following attendees:

  • Kevin Keeler
  • Dawn Keeler


Meet our Horse Sponsors: 

Anatomy of the Equine – With the following attendee:

  • Paige Poss


Hoof Rehab – With the following attendees:

  • Pete & Ivy Ramey


ECIR Group – With the following attendees:

  •  Jaini L. Clougher


EasyCare Inc. With the following attendees:

  • Mariah Reeves


Vettec  With the following attendees:

  • Larkin Greene


Renegade Hoof Boots – With the following attendees:

  • Ashley Wingea


Evo Thrush– They will have the following attendee

  •  Alicia Mosher


Scoot Boot – They will have the following attendee

  •  Annett Kaitinis


Sound Vitality – They will have the following attendee:

  •  Karen Meece

Equine Fusion – They will have the following attendees:

  •  Sven Erik Revheim
  • Lars Gaute Bø (Boe)


Meet our Pony Sponsors:

    • Stay tuned

Meet our Mini Sponsors:

  • Redhorse Products (Makers of Artimud)
  • Custom Equine Nutrition
  • Pure Sole Hoof Mud

    Speaker Bios:

    In the horse world, Pete Ramey (hoofrehab.com) probably needs no introduction! After an initial start shoeing horses, he became aware of the deficit of hoof knowledge, management of pathological hooves, and trimming instruction to be found in the pages of farrier texts. In 1998 Pete’s friend Cindy Sullivan introduced him to the concept of natural hoof care. Very quickly, he realized he was learning about the hooves themselves like never before, and that many of the unanswered questions were being answered. In 2000 Pete wrote his first book “Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You,” followed by his very popular and well attended clinics and an array of trimming videos including 16 hours of in depth education in the DVD series “Under the Horse.” Pete has always been driven by the desire to help horses and shorten the learning curve of professionals by providing easy to understand how-tos of hoof care. In 2011 Pete’s second book was published, the comprehensive and critically acclaimed “Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot.” Pete is a founding member of the American Hoof Association. Along with traveling internationally for clinics, Pete and his wife Ivy run a busy hoof rehabilitation business and live in the Georgia mountains with their family.


    Christina Cline became a certified trimmer through the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners in 2004, and has trimmed full time ever since. In her career, she has worked on thousands of hooves of every size and description. She is an instructor with the Equine Sciences Academy, a Mentor with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, and was on the Board of Directors with the American Hoof Association.  She has mentored directly with Pete Ramey, Cindy Sullivan and Jaime Jackson, and has broadened her knowledge base by attending workshops with Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Debra Taylor, Brian Hampson PhD, Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Katy Watts, Cindy Nielson DVM, Dr. Tomas Teskey, Dr. Deb Bennett, and saddle maker Dave Genadek, among others.  She also received a certificate in Equine Massage from the Northwest School of Animal Massage in Redmond, WA, and co-authored The Essential Hoof with Susan Kauffmann.
    Christina lives with her eight horses, three dogs, four cats and two roosters in the Methow Valley of Washington state.  When she is not working under a horse, she is often found back country riding in the North Cascades.


    Jaini L. Clougher, BVSc, BSc. President of the ECIR Group. Jaini joined the ECIR outreach group in 2009 when two of her then three horses suffered laminitis within three weeks of each other and she started the ECIR recommended protocol for insulin resistant horses. With a focus on obtaining the correct diagnosis, the correct diet, appropriate hoof care and exercise, all three horses recovered.
    Dr. Clougher graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management, and from Massey University (New Zealand) with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science; she currently works as a small animal veterinarian. A volunteer member of the board of directors, and the ECIR Group Inc. President, Dr. Clougher continues to maintain her special interest in equine metabolic issues, helping other equine caregivers who are now walking the same path.




    Debra Taylor, DVM. Debra Taylor’s passion is equine podiatry – the professional study, care, and treatment of the foot. Dr. Taylor’s interest lies in discovering methods to readjust the load of a laminitic foot to promote healing. Understanding the mechanics of blood flow, weight distribution, and local anatomic structures of a healthy foot compared to that of a laminitic foot will allow for treatment management options to be developed to improve the prognosis of horses suffering from laminitis.


    Mary Debono
    helps horses and humans enjoy freer, healthier movement even if they are challenged by injury, arthritis, anxiety or aging. A Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Mary’s clients range from pleasure riders to World Cup competitors. Her ability to address the underlying cause of a problem in both horse and rider sets her work apart and can lead to surprising improvements in performance and partnership.
    A life-long student of the hoof, Mary designed short, easy exercises that help hoof trimmers avoid the stiffness, soreness and injuries that many in the hoof care profession suffer from. Mary also teaches trimmers how to best support the horse to encourage cooperation and ease in trimming.
    A sought-after international clinician and bestselling author with over 25 years of experience, Mary can help you and your horses be more athletic, balanced and confident. Based in Encinitas, California, she offers clinics, private sessions and online programs and consultations. Mary’s website is www.DebonoMoves.com. She can be reached at moc.s1558500597evoMo1558500597nobeD1558500597@yraM1558500597 1558500597.