Power Tool Trimming & Casting Clinic with Jeannean Mercuri

Where: Long Island, NY

Cost $150

Have you struggled with Senior or injured horses that can’t lift their legs? Laminitis, painful hooves? Is that compacted, retained material making it difficult to “read” the hoof? Trimming rock hard hooves ruining your knives?

Learn the safe use of power tools from an experienced Power Tool user. Jeannean has been using the grinder to help trim horses where hand tools just can’t do the job efficiently.

Learn to identify when excessive material is affecting balance, distorting the hoof &/or hiding your landmarks, what to remove & what to leave behind.
Learn the safe use, techniques & tricks of trimming with a grinder.

Having this tool in your box, the knowledge and skill to use it properly, when needed. It is a must for dry climate practitioners.

We will also discuss and learn when to cast a hoof for poor hoof quality problems that often lead to bigger problems like, broken coffin bones, heel pain, white line disease, long toe-low heel syndrome & other lameness issues.

Join Jeannean for the day following the Anatomy & Booting clinics.

Contact: Jeannean Mercuri