“Trimming with Power Tools” grinder trim clinic with Asa Stephens

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Cost: $75

Clinic info:
Have you struggled with trimming rock hard hooves? Is that compacted, retained material making is difficult to “read” the hoof? Learn the safe use of power tools from an experienced desert Hoof Care Practitioner. Asa has been working on the tough desert hooves of Las Vegas for over 10 yrs.

-learn to identify when excessive material is affecting balance and distorting the hoof
-learn what to remove and what to leave behind
-learn the safe use and tricks of trimming with a grinder

Having this tool in your box and the knowledge and skill to use it properly, when needed, is a must for dry climate practitioners. Join Asa for 1/2 a day following the Anatomy and Booting clinics.


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Available clinics

Or send checks to:
Åsa Stephens
5145 Auborn Ave
Las Vegas NV 89108

Please note:

– The clinic will be confirmed or cancelled by email, according to attendance numbers, so attendees may make travel arrangements.
– If there are not enough attendees and the clinic is cancelled, deposits will be refunded immediately.
Contact Asa Stephens for further information.