ANATOMY, BOOTING, CASTING & POWER TOOL TRIMMING 2 DAY CLINIC with Jeannean Mercuri and Christina Krueger

Gerda’s Equine Rescue in West Townsend, Vermont.

October 14th and 15th, 2017

$150 each day, $300 for both days

Day #1 – Anatomy, Trimming and Dissection – each student will get a cadaver leg, we will likely be limited to 8 legs so we may have to share.

Day #2 – booting, casting, grinder trimming

Each day will have the potential for live horse demonstration depending on the skill level and interest of the students!

Closest Airports:
Albany, NY ~ 2 hours
Boston, MA ~ 2.5 hours

Travel reservations:
Ranney Brooke Farm
Camping – Jamaica VT state park ~ nice campsites, about 10 minutes away from the rescue. Keep in mind it starts getting cold here in October!
B&B – ~ $130 per night, can bring dogs and horses!
Many more affordable options on Airbnb!
There aren’t too many regular hotels super close by but Manchester, Putney and Brattleboro are all within a half an hour or so and have more housing options. I’m going to ask Gerda (the owner of the rescue) about other options she would suggest close by.

Meals –
Students will be responsible for their own meals. We can go to the Dam Diner which is right next door to the rescue or another local deli not far away with better Vegetarian options. If people let me know in advance, I can make sure to find some better gluten free options.

Tools –
If possible, students should bring their own tools (gloves, apron, nippers, rasp, knife, hoof pick and stand) but we will have some to share if need be especially for those flying.

Other things to bring –
lawn or camp chair

NOTE – the cell phone service in the area is spotty at best just an FYI and the wifi connection is not great either.

~This clinic fulfills the Anatomy Beginning clinic requirement for PHCP.

-Students will be working with a cadaver hoof for anatomy and trimming clues, followed by trimming on live horses.

~This clinic fulfills the Anatomy Beginning clinic requirement for PHCP.

  Booting, casting & power tool:
– Booting, casting & power tools
– how to fit and use a wide variety of boots including all of the EasyCare boots, Renegades, Soft Rides, Cavallo, Equine Fusion etc. based on performance, rehab needs or rider needs
– how & when to use hoof casting
– which padding options to utilize for various pathologies and rehab needs
– how to perform modifications and repairs to boots
– safety with a grinder
– trimming hooves with power tools
– shoe removal for ease and comfort to both horse and trimmer (if a shod horse can be supplied by an attendee.)

~This clinic fulfills the Booting and Shoe Removal Beginning clinic requirement for PHCP.


PayPal accepted to moc.1513558885em@yg1513558885gipna1513558885eN1513558885Or
Send checks to:
Jeannean Mercuri ~ The Hoof Fairy LLC
103 Woodlot Rd
Ridge, NY 11961

Please note:
-$75 deposit to reserve your spot in the clinic.

– If there are not enough attendees and the clinic is cancelled, deposits will be refunded immediately.
If you cancel $75 of the payment is non refundable, no exceptions.
Contact Jeannean Mercuri or Christina Krueger for further information.