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Photo of Amy Allen Amy Allen Mentor

Mason, Thurston, surrounding counties, and haul-ins


My journey into hoof care started in 2002. My OTTB, TJ, had poor quality hoof walls, thin soles, and could not hold a shoe for over five weeks. After consulting with my farrier, we tried glue on shoes. On the second set, one shoe broke at the quarters. I decided to pull his shoes, immerse myself into learning about hoof care and help him grow quality hooves. ...

Photo of Anne Buteau Anne Buteau Mentor

Charlottesville area and beyond…West to Staunton and North to Middleburg

Photo of Leslie Carrig Leslie Carrig Mentor ★ CE

Longmont, CO


Although I am not taking on any clients, I will continue to Mentor PHCP students. I enjoy teaching and am willing to travel to PHCP Students, so we may work with their own client’s horses. I’ve had many years as a Mentor and would like the opportunity to help you further your education and reach certification. ...

Photo of Dianna Chapek Dianna Chapek Mentor

Butte, Yuba, & Sutter counties.


I can be reached by email or phone & check messages daily.  I serve areas in Butte, Yuba, & Sutter counties.  While not actively taking new clients, I do take a few new clients as my schedule allows.


Photo of Christina Cline Christina Cline Mentor

Whatcom County and the Methow Valley


-I have been trimming professionally since 2002. I obtained by original certification through the AANHCP, later becoming a member of PHCP and the American Hoof Association. I completed an equine massage course through the Northwest School of Animal massage in 2007, and make annual continuing education events a priority. Saddle fitting and physiologically sound training principles are a passion of mine. ...

Photo of Marie Daniels Marie Daniels Mentor ★ CE

Cody, WY


I joined PHCP shortly after being certified by AHA, and enjoyed building my busy Hoofcare practice in central Louisiana.  For over a decade I specialized in empowering horse owners by teaching them how to better care for their horses hoof and nutritional needs.  I love teaching beginners!

Now that my husband and I have retired to Northwestern Wyoming, my focus has shifted even more towards teaching.  ...

Photo of Miranda Fior Miranda Fior Mentor

Santa Barbara county.

I started trimming in 2002 to help my own laminitic mare, and have been trimming professionally since 2004. I’m very grateful to have had Dr Eleanor Kellon as my first mentor both in nutrition and in hoof care. I later became a member of the AANHCP and then moved on to become one of the founding members of the PHCP. ...

Photo of John Fitch John Fitch Mentor ★ CE

Wellsville, UT


Cell phone: 435-770-7335
Best way to contact: text

AREA COVERED: I live in Northern Utah. Wellsville. I am retired from trimming client horses but available to help students compete certification and horse owners trim their own horses.

PROFILE: My wife Claire and I live on 11 acres with our 4 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 10 chickens. ...

Photo of Sossity Gargiulo Sossity Gargiulo Clinician and Mentor

Primarily Ventura County


I started trimming horses when my own mare went lame and I started to look deeper into the ‘why’ of traditional horse care.  This led me on a life changing path of learning I never could have predicted!  I then joined the AANHCP, and later became a founding member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners.  ...

Photo of Mario Garguilo Mario Garguilo Clinician and Mentor

Ventura County

Photo of Randy Hensley Randy Hensley Mentor

Iowa, North Central Missouri &
Sioux Falls/Brookings South Dakota


Area served:
North Central Missouri
Sioux Falls/Brookings South Dakota

I began my hoof care career as a conventional farrier over thirty years ago. In 2006, with the prompting of a client, I began to explore the benefits of barefoot rehabilitation. I enrolled in and completed the AANHCP training program. ...

Photo of Jeannean Mercuri Jeannean Mercuri Clinician and Mentor ★ CE

Long Island, NY


My Barefoot journey started back in 2001 with my mare Piggy.  I started by reading all I could on the internet and in books.  Most of what I could find at that time was by Jaime Jackson, Dr Hiltrud Strasser & eventually Pete Ramey.  I attended any clinic I could find at the time which gave me a diverse start.  ...

Photo of Chuck Mills Chuck Mills Mentor ★ CE

Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernadino, Riverside Counties

Photo of Paige Poss Paige Poss Clinician and Mentor ★ CE

Tucson, AZ


Trimming a limited number of clients and teaching extensively.

I started my hoof care odyssey in 1999.  That was a pivotal era in hoof care.  There were very few resources at the time.  Jaime Jackson, Dr. Strasser and one trimming website was basically all that was available.

The only way to get good at trimming was to just do it.   ...

Photo of Patrice Sager Patrice Sager Mentor ★ CE

Hardy County and 50 mile radius


I have been trimming for 14 years, I love to teach and I love to study nutrition for horses.  I do continued education as much as time allows but make myself attend two educational events a year minimum. I am an AHA member and have served on the Education Committee since it began. ...

Photo of Dawn Saunders Dawn Saunders Mentor

North East Scotland – UK

+44 (0)1467 651572
Photo of Asa Stephens Asa Stephens Clinician and Mentor

Köping, Sweden

0768 169558

I have recently relocated to Sweden after a long career working as a Hoof Care Professional in the USA and look forward to continuing my career here. With 15+ years of experience I am a PHCP and AHA Certified Hoof Care Practitioner as well as a Mentor and Clinician for the PHCP certification program. ...

Photo of Ann Szolas Ann Szolas Clinician and Mentor ★ CE

Based near Aberdeen, WA , serving Grays Harbor County & parts of Pacific, Mason and Thurston counties.


-I attended farrier school in 1991/92 and was a traditional farrier until 2007 when I switched to barefoot after attending my first Pete Ramey clinic.  I joined PHCP in 2008 and AHA in 2010.  I make a point to do continuing education at least twice a year.  I also am a mentor and clinician for PHCP and teach the beginning booting and shoe removal and anatomy of the distal limb clinics once a year.  ...

Photo of Ruthie Thompson-Klein Ruthie Thompson-Klein Mentor ★ CE

San Juan Islands


Business name:
Equine Balance Hoof Care
I emphasize hoof health in concert with overall equine wellness, doing my best to transition every horse from merely surviving to thriving.

Living in a remote area, when you want something (hoof care) you figure out how to do it. ...