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Photo of Paige Poss Paige Poss Clinician and Mentor ★ CE

Tucson, AZ


Trimming a limited number of clients and teaching extensively.

I started my hoof care odyssey in 1999.  That was a pivotal era in hoof care.  There were very few resources at the time.  Jaime Jackson, Dr. Strasser and one trimming website was basically all that was available.

The only way to get good at trimming was to just do it.   ...

Photo of Jean H Welch Jean Welch Student Practitioner ★ EC

Serving Southern Arizona and beyond


With over 10 years of practical experience, I specialize in functional hoof trimming, encouraging correct movement, and always respecting the needs of the horse. I draw my knowledge and expertise from a variety of resources including formal training with ESA, numerous hands-on clinics, conferences, lectures, seminars, and trimmer gatherings.
I am also an authorized EasyCare Dealer, and am skilled in boot fitting as well as the application of glue-on products. ...