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Photo of Leslie Carrig Leslie Carrig Mentor ★ CE

Longmont, CO


Although I am not taking on any clients, I will continue to Mentor PHCP students. I enjoy teaching and am willing to travel to PHCP Students, so we may work with their own client’s horses. I’ve had many years as a Mentor and would like the opportunity to help you further your education and reach certification. ...

Photo of Stephanie Clegg Stephanie Clegg Student Practitioner

Within 20 miles of Berthoud, CO

(209) 614-3508

Offering natural hoof care services since 2007.

Best way to reach me is via text or email.


Photo of Nell Hanley Nell Hanley Student Practitioner ★ EC

Southeastern WY and Northern CO


Serving southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado (standard service area within a 50 mile radius of Laramie, WY)

Preferred contact: phone (call or text)

My goal as a barefoot hoof care practitioner is to help the horse grow and maintain balanced, healthy hooves with optimal form and function for each individual horse, allowing for proper absorption of concussive forces and minimal strain on the joints and tendons of the distal limb. ...

Photo of Philip Himanka Philip Himanka Practitioner ★ CE

60 miles radius around Boulder Colorado


Performance equine services and hoof care. Specialized in glueing and rehabilitation. Trimming, boot fitting and more. I do continuous education trough PHCP, seminars and clinics besides attending every year to the International Hoof Care Summit. I have been working with Endurance Horses for over 10 years. I am a member of: PHCP, AERC, ELPO, AAPF, CAPF, Endurance Chairman for the Colorado Arabian Horse Club, Member and Distance Stuart/Judge for the Arabian Horse Club. ...