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Photo of Christina Krueger Christina Krueger Practitioner ★ CE

Serving Vermont, and Eastern NY


I have been a natural hoof care practitioner since 2012 after working with Ida Hammer for a year and I completed her Whole Horse Hoof Care Certification program. I helped her trim her clients’ horses and teach her hoof care classes. I have also mentored with several AHA members including Jeanne Wright and Erik Knapp. ...

Photo of Kathy Ladendecker Kathy Ladendecker Student Practitioner

Southwestern Massachusetts


I am a full time trimmer located in southwestern Massachusetts at the intersection of Interstate Route 91 and Route 90 (the Mass Pike). My normal service range is within one hour of there, including central MA, NY, and CT. I am willing to travel up to two hours for those seeking quality barefoot hoof care. ...

Photo of Jeannean Mercuri Jeannean Mercuri Clinician and Mentor ★ CE

Long Island, NY


My Barefoot journey started back in 2001 with my mare Piggy.  I started by reading all I could on the internet and in books.  Most of what I could find at that time was by Jaime Jackson, Dr Hiltrud Strasser & eventually Pete Ramey.  I attended any clinic I could find at the time which gave me a diverse start.  ...