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Photo of Marie Daniels Marie Daniels Mentor ★ CE

Cody, WY


I joined PHCP shortly after being certified by AHA, and enjoyed building my busy Hoofcare practice in central Louisiana.  For over a decade I specialized in empowering horse owners by teaching them how to better care for their horses hoof and nutritional needs.  I love teaching beginners!

Now that my husband and I have retired to Northwestern Wyoming, my focus has shifted even more towards teaching.  ...

Photo of Nell Hanley Nell Hanley Student Practitioner ★ EC

Southeastern WY and Northern CO


Serving southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado (standard service area within a 50 mile radius of Laramie, WY)

Preferred contact: phone (call or text)

My goal as a barefoot hoof care practitioner is to help the horse grow and maintain balanced, healthy hooves with optimal form and function for each individual horse, allowing for proper absorption of concussive forces and minimal strain on the joints and tendons of the distal limb. ...

Photo of Christine Johnson Christine Johnson Student Practitioner

NE Washington, and seasonally Casper, Wyoming


Serving: NE Washington, including Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens, and Spokane Counties. Based out of Curlew, Washington. I am also based out of Casper, Wyoming May-October.

I have been a passionate equestrian since 1997 and more recently, natural hoof care professional after my mare suffered a PIII fracture of the coffin bone; who is the namesake of my hoof care business, Rogue Horse, LLC. ...