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Marie Daniels

Mentor ★ CE
Work Phone: 307-587-5104 Website: http://


I joined PHCP shortly after being certified by AHA, and enjoyed building my busy Hoofcare practice in central Louisiana.  For over a decade I specialized in empowering horse owners by teaching them how to better care for their horses hoof and nutritional needs.  I love teaching beginners!

Now that my husband and I have retired to Northwestern Wyoming, my focus has shifted even more towards teaching.  While I am not taking new clients, I am available for clinics, emergency consultation and for Mentorships.

Students wishing to do a Mentorship can contact me here: moc.o1558500842ohay@1558500842slein1558500842adrel1558500842limm1558500842. Mentorships are $150.00 per day, or $200.00 per day for students wishing to stay overnight in our lovely riverside guesthouse.  My “herd” consists of TWHs, an Andalusian and a Mini….so there is a lot of hoof variety.


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Cody, WY

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