PHCP Practitioners

Student Practitioners are not yet fully certified by PHCP. With the support of their Mentors and colleagues, they can do an excellent job caring for your horse’s hoof needs as they complete their training.

Advanced Student Practitioners are Student Practitioners who have completed Independent Study and are in the advanced phase of the training program. They will have more experience than a Student Practitioner. They can do an excellent job caring for your horse’s hoof needs and are prepared to work on more difficult cases with the support of their Mentors and colleagues as they complete their training.

Practitioners are members who have completed their training and passed the final certification process.

Mentors are Certified PHCP Practitioners who have been approved as educators in our training program.

Education Credit Designations
Members listed here who have reached the minimum annual credit requirements for the previous year (June 2017-May 2018) or the current year (June 2018-May 2019) are designated as follows:
★ EC = Educational Credit Completed for Student Practitioners and Advanced Student Practitioners.
★ CE = Continuing Education Credits Completed for Certified Practitioners and Mentors.
(Members can find details about EC/CE Credits at the top of the Chat Forum on a “sticky”.)

When choosing any Hoof Care Professional, it is always best to ask for recommendations.

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PHCP Mentors and Clinicians

Photo of Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Work Phone: 360-480-5327 Website: Website Website: Facebook page


My journey into hoof care started in 2002. My OTTB, TJ, had poor quality hoof walls, thin soles, and could not hold a shoe for over five weeks. After consulting with my farrier, we tried glue on shoes. On the second set, one shoe broke at the quarters. I decided to pull his shoes, immerse myself into learning about hoof care and help him grow quality hooves.

April 2006 I attended a Pete Ramey hoof care clinic in Jacksonville, Oregon, that same year I started trimming for clients. Hoof care is a package, it’s not just the trim, it encompasses balanced nutrition, lots of movement, a clean environment and balanced trimming every 3-6 (max) weeks. The use of hoof boots, the modern day shoe, is an important part of hoof care.

2009 I joined PHCP and in 2011 became a Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner (PHCP).

2012 I was accepted as an American Hoof Care Association Member and became a PHCP Mentor

2014 and 2015 I co-hosted Pete Ramey workshops at our facility. Continuing education is important and I believe we are the student, the horse is our teacher. Nutrition and rehabilitation are areas of special interest. In addition to trimming, I also sell California Trace minerals and EasyCare hoof boots.

Along with being a hoof care practitioner, and mentor, I am also a horsemanship trainer, teacher and student. I’ve ridden in multiple clinics with Buck Brannaman, and I’m currently auditing the Philippe Karl School of Légèreté classical dressage clinics.

I’m currently fully booked, however I occasionally have an opening.   You’re welcome to contact me.

Email is the best way to reach me, but you can also reach me via phone or text.

Mentorships are $150 per day. I enjoy teaching every level of student and I have access to a variety of horses, including my own, so we have plenty of horses to teach us. Call or email and we can discuss the details.

Service Area

Mason, Thurston, surrounding counties, and haul-ins

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