Scoot Boot Webinar

Open to the Public

When: March 19, 2019_
Start Time: 6pm PT (Los Angeles)/ 9pm ET (New York)
This webinar runs about 1 hour  followed by Q & A
Cost: FREE

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Dave MacDonald, the co-founder and creator of Scoot Boots. Live from Tasmania, Australia, he’ll talk about_:
– The benefits of using hoof boots
– Scoot Boot features
– What hoof shapes are not suitable for Scoot Boots
– Sizing and fitting Scoot Boots
– Using aids to help with fittings
– Using EVA tape
– How to use Scoot Boots for rehabilitation
– Scoot Boot products and accessories

He’ll also share some great images and videos to show the Scoot Boots and accessories in action. There will be opportunities for questions at the end of the webinar.

This webinar will be recorded and available to registered participants any time after the webinar.


Dave MacDonald: Dave spent his early life as a jackaroo in Queensland, Australia and then moved to the United States and trained horses and worked on ranches, primarily in Texas and New Mexico. He then trained to be a farrier in the USA and spent 15 years working as a farrier before heading on his barefoot journey.




Participant Registration:

Since the webinar is free, please send an email to moc.l1556296768iamg@1556296768eracf1556296768oohci1556296768ficap1556296768 to register

For technical issue contact Jeannean Mercuri – Webinar Host moc.e1556296768m@ygg1556296768ipnae1556296768n1556296768 or 631-434-5032

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